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Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All image

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Moving interstate sounds like an incredibly difficult proposition for many individuals. Not only do you have plenty of concerns to deal with as you handle a new job and getting settled in a new home, but you must handle the responsibilities associated with packing, transporting your possessions, and unpacking again when you get to your new home.

Sound daunting? You aren't alone in that feeling.

Here's the good news: Clear Sky Moving and Storage

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Packing Up Your Home

Getting ready to move piles on the stress in many households. You have to go through all of your possessions, get rid of anything you no longer want to keep, and then unpack it all over again when you get to your new home. Before you start, it’s worth asking yourself if you are ready to get packing.

Clear Sky Moving and Storage can take care of packing up your home for you. We can:

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Pack Up Your Goods

While you may need to set aside specific items that you want to keep with you during the move--toiletries, the clothes you want to wear during the move, and any bedding or items you want to keep close at hand--we will take care of all the critical factors of packing up the house. We will make sure that all of your possessions go into clearly-labeled boxes that will make it easy to tell where those items go and what you need to do with them when you arrive at your new home.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Ensure Breakable Items Get Packaged Properly

It's devastating to lose cherished possessions, including heirlooms and collectibles, during an interstate move. Our experienced packers know how to wrap those items up properly, which will ensure that they stay safe as you prepare to reach your new destination. We even create custom packing crates and packaging for oddly-shaped or specialty items. We'll also take care of properly packing up paintings, pictures, artwork, and other valuable possessions, carefully padding and securing them to ensure they remain as safe as possible.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Store Items, If Needed

Sometimes, you may not be able to move into your new property immediately. You may have a lag between closing on your old property and your move-in date for the new one, or you may need to take care of a few other responsibilities before you're ready to move into your new home. Finding storage options for all your items on your own can quickly turn into a headache. You'd have to get the items out of the moving truck, place them in storage units, and then pack them back into a truck and move them all over again when you were ready to move in!

Fortunately, Clear Sky Moving and Storage can take the stress out of that equation. We can store your possessions while you wait for your move-in date. You won't have to worry about securing a storage space or making sure that you have a fresh moving truck available; instead, we will store your possessions for you. We have storage facilities or depots in Darwin, Alice Springs, Brisbane, and Adelaide, so if you're moving into that area, there is likely a storage option available for you! Our secure storage sites also have fire monitoring and alarms, which can help increase your peace of mind. Need a custom storage option? We can help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Provide Insurance During the Move

Clear Sky Moving and Storage takes every step possible to protect your possessions at every step of the moving process. Unfortunately, accidents happen. Weather emergencies, accidents on the road, and other hazards can creep up when you least expect it, leading to damaged possessions.

Fortunately, we can provide insurance that will help replace or repair your possessions if something happens during the move or while we keep your items in storage. Ask us about our flexible insurance options, which can enhance peace of mind and make it easier for you to deal with any potential risks that you face during the move.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Move Your Pets

Moving cross-country with your pets can be as easy as pie. At Clear Sky Moving and Storage, we know that your pets are part of your family. Moving them with you as you travel across the country for a move, however, can add its own unique complications to the moving process. Not all hotels accept pets. If you're moving into a new area, your pet may need to quarantine for a time before it can join you in your new home. Travelling by plane? Taking your pet with you can add an element of stress that you may not want to deal with. Before you start, consider exploring how pet transport works.

Let us take that item off of your To Do list and streamline the moving process by handling your pet's move.

We'll provide you with a detailed itinerary that will show you where your pet is and what they're doing at every step of the journey. We focus on safely moving your pets in a caring, trustworthy environment, allowing you to focus on getting yourself and your family to your new home with less stress involved. When it's necessary to transport your pet by air, we'll try to do so with a direct flight. Direct flights minimize trauma for your animal and reduce the stress they experience. Depending on where you're travelling to, they may face a period of quarantine on arrival.

Worried about unexpected obstacles along the way? We'll also put together contingency plans to ensure that you know what will happen if, at any stage of the journey, things don't go according to plan.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Vehicle Relocation

When you're making an interstate move, it's not as simple as just driving every vehicle in your garage to its new location. Many families share multiple vehicles, but you may not want to drive them individually across the country, leading to a caravan of family members throughout the move. You may also have more vehicles than you have drivers. If you need to make a fast move or do not want to drive across the country, you may prefer flying to travelling over land--but your vehicle still has to get there somehow.

Let Clear Sky Moving and Storage take care of vehicle transport for you.

We take the responsibility of moving your vehicle very seriously. When we move vehicles, we use a team of reliable drivers, safe transportation containers, and reliable insurance to ensure that your vehicle gets the safest possible moving experience.

In addition to transporting traditional passenger vehicles, we can also manage moving your winnebago, caravan, boat, van, or classic car: the vehicles that you need to move to your destination in order to make your move complete.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Moving Tips for Your Interstate Move

Moving interstate is a big step and involves plenty of forethought and planning. With these tips, however, you can streamline your move and make it easier and less stressful to get to your destination.

1. Clean out items you no longer want to keep before the big day.

Whether you plan to use professional movers to help move your possessions or you want to handle the packing and unpacking process for yourself, take the time to clean out possessions you no longer want or need before moving day. Not only can it reduce the number of items you have to transport, which can help reduce the costs of moving services, it can help decrease your stress as you pack and unpack. Many people discover, as they move, that they have plenty of items that they have no need for in their homes. By cleaning these out ahead of time, you can make it much easier to pack and unpack.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Go through each room with a bag or box for throwing things away and a bag or box for donating or selling. Throw away anything that no longer serves a purpose or that you know no one would want. Donate things you do not want to take the time to sell. Moving is a great opportunity to lighten the burden of possessions throughout your home.

2. Set aside items you will need during and immediately after your move.

Think about how long you will be away from the bulk of your possessions during your move, especially if you will need to store your possessions for a while before you move into your new home. Some valuable items, you may want to keep with you. Make sure you have access to:

  • Plenty of clothing that is seasonally appropriate for your move. Make sure you check out the weather at your destination as the weather at your current home, since the weather can vary dramatically.
  • Any medications that you or members of your family will need.
  • Toiletries.
  • A basic first aid kit
  • Cleaning supplies, if you'll want or need to clean your new home before moving in
  • Chargers for your most important devices
  • Important Documents you want to ensure stay with you (birth records,

The other items

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

3. Carefully consider what services you will need (or which ones will make your life easier) during your upcoming move.

Some people start out their Interstate relocation planning to reduce moving costs wherever they can. They think that it will cost too much to hire movers to pack up everything for them, and that they can handle those tasks on their own.

As the move drags on, however, stress levels mount. Many people find that the services they chose not to use at the beginning sound a lot more essential as they get closer to the big day.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

What services do you really need? Ask yourself:

How much time do you have as you prepare for your Interstate move? What about when you reach your destination? If you have a little extra space in your moving timeline, you might be better prepared to handle packing and unpacking for yourself. On the other hand, if you know that you're going to be on a tight schedule, having movers show up ready on your moving date can make the difference in a successful move.

How much of the heavy lifting can you do? When you make a move within your current city, you may wonder if you really need movers. Carefully consider, however, how much of the heavy lifting you can handle on your own--and how many trips you'll need to make to do it. Keep in mind that you may not have anyone to help when you reach your destination.

How much stress is the move going to add to your plate? Many people already have more than enough responsibilities on their shoulders before they add a move into the equation--and you may be no exception. Carefully consider how much stress the move will generate and how you can alleviate some of it by turning many of those tasks over to a moving company.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

4. Ask for help if you need it.

Don't just assume that you have to handle all the tasks associated with a move on your own. Instead, work with a moving company that will help you tackle those tasks and manage your moving needs. Wondering what is the best moving company for long distance?

An experienced moving company won't just provide a successful relocation. They will also help answer many of the questions you have about the moving process. They can help you decide what you need to take with you in your luggage or personal vehicle, give you advice about settling into your new home, and even help you calculate which services you really need as you plan your move, even provide professional packing supplies. It's the depth of commitment that makes a company truly full service.

Moving Interstate And How We Take Care Of It All

Are you getting ready to make a cross-country move? Our skilled team at Clear Sky Moving and Storage can help alleviate stress and take on many of those tasks for you, all at an affordable price. Contact us