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Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist image

Interstate moves are complicated and involve lots of moving parts. Packing up an entire household to make a move is stressful enough when simply moving across town or even to the other end of the state. Factor in an interstate move, and you may feel a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by the entire process.

From wondering about the total cost of an interstate move to finding the right removalists to safely transport your belongings, you can work yourself into a state of anxiety trying to manage it all. In this handy guide, every step required for making a successful interstate move from Brisbane to Darwin is broken down into easily digestible chunks of information for quick reference. Get all the tips and tools you need, including the best way to pack your belongings during transport across state lines to avoid damaged goods.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

Planning your move from Brisbane to Darwin

There is no such thing as starting too early when planning your move from Brisbane to Darwin. As soon as you know a move is in the works, you should begin preparing. One of the first things you should do is nail down your moving date — or an approximation of the week you need to move — and begin contacting removalists to ensure your booking preference. We talk more about the best way to choose a removalist service in the next section. For now, we will outline the reasons a removalist should be your first line of defense before ever packing a single box.

Removalists can help narrow down your time-frame for moving. If you are beginning a new job and must be present in Darwin for your starting date, you will want to time your move to coincide with that period. Let's break it down by mode of transportation to give you an idea of how long you can expect your interstate move to take.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

1. Traveling by car

Traveling by car is the mode of transport that will take the longest between Brisbane and Darwin. It is 3,421 kilometres between the two cities. If you were to plan to drive it consecutively, it would take approximately 38 hours and 7 minutes. It is a really long drive, so we do not recommend trying it without making stops, even if you have multiple drivers who can take turns.

2. Flying

Your best bet for moving interstate is by taking a nonstop flight from Brisbane to Darwin. When traveling by plane, the distance between the two cities is 2,847 kilometres. The trip will take 4 hours and 2 minutes to complete, barring any flight delays or in-flight issues. Do not forget to account for your travel time to and from the airports in both cities, plus any time it takes to go through security and baggage check/retrieval. You can check the status of domestic flights — including the length of time to get through the security line — by visiting the website for your airport or air carrier.

Best time of year to move and other cost-cutting solutions

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

If your move is not tied to starting new employment or any other static event, removalists also can help identify the best time of year to move from Brisbane to Darwin. Rates may be more affordable at certain times of the year due to the lower demand for removalist services.

There are other factors that can affect moving expenditures. Removalists can help match your needs with the best time of year to deliver services.

It can be pricey to make an interstate relocation, making cost-effective moving solutions preferable. When you are on a budget, consolidating your load with others who are moving from Brisbane to Darwin can help save you money on your moving costs. Sharing a moving truck is the cheapest way to move interstate. The only downside to this savings measure is that you will need to be more flexible with your moving dates to make it work.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

Whichever method you choose, be sure to give yourself at least a week’s time to make the move from start to finish. If you plan to consolidate your move with someone else’s load to save money, you can expect that timeframe to lengthen to between two and three weeks.

How to find the right removalists for moving from Brisbane to Darwin

Securing removalist services is a crucial component of any successful interstate move. As we previously mentioned, removalists have a hand in most of the early planning stages for your move. They are a helpful resource, especially if you have never moved interstate before.

No matter how small or large your move, hiring professional movers will ensure your belongings are packed properly and safe during transport. Keep in mind the following when choosing a removalist to help with your relocation from Brisbane to Darwin.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

1. Ask for recommendations

One of the most reliable ways to find quality removalists is by asking for personal recommendations from friends, family, and associates. Word-of-mouth recommendations are more reliable than any reviews you may find online because you know the people who are giving the suggestion and know their opinion is trustworthy and unbiased.

2. Request removals insurance

Even when packed with care and diligence, sometimes items are damaged or lost during interstate moves. For those times, you need removals insurance to cover the costs of any lost or damaged items. Quality removalists provide appropriate levels of insurance to cover your belongings during a move. Before booking a removalist, inquire about their removals insurance. If a removalist is using a third-party insurance provider, make sure they are accredited.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

Sometimes removals insurance does not cover items if you have packed them yourselves, rather than having the professional removalists handle the job. If you plan to do some of your own packing, ask this question to ensure you have appropriate coverage. As a rule, valuables such as jewellery and family heirlooms should be transported from Brisbane to Darwin in your own vehicle. It is the best way to protect them during the move.

3. Secure specific and accurate estimates

Before you can decide on a removalist, you will need to obtain estimates for their services. It can be challenging to secure accurate quotes for services due to the nature of interstate moves. Removalists may ask to visit your home and survey your belongings to get a better picture of what is involved in the move. Providing your removalists with as much information as possible will help guarantee a more accurate estimate. Requesting removalist services is quick and easy when you ask for a quote from Clear Sky Moving and Storage.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

4. Explore extra services and features

Many removalists offer a comprehensive package of services and features that extend beyond hauling your items from Brisbane to Darwin. Moving and packing materials, packing services, and loading and unloading are amongst the extras some removalists provide on request. Make sure any additional perks you select are included in your quoted price for services.

5. Check references

The final step before choosing your removalist is to check their credentials. For interstate moves, it is critical your removalists are licensed and experienced to ensure the best experience. You can check a removalist's credentials through the Australian Furniture Removers Association. Members of AFRA agree to follow strict safety and security guidelines and offer comprehensive insurance coverage for your belongings.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere

Once your belongings are packed and everything is loaded onto the moving truck, the work is hardly finished. You may be left with unwanted items and other rubbish that require removal before your old property is ready for a new occupant. From outdated or broken furniture to bags of unwanted items and debris, you will need to arrange for rubbish removal to clear the place out. Removalists can help make these arrangements on your behalf. If you are renting and the place needs a thorough scrubbing to ensure the return of your security deposit, removalists can help with that, too.

What’s the cheapest way to transport a car from Brisbane to Darwin?

You have packed up your belongings and are ready for the next phase in your interstate move. What is the best — and most cost-effective — way to move multiple vehicles from Brisbane to Darwin? Removalists can help identify the best vehicle transport services for your move. Specialised vehicle transport services take, on average, 10 to 14 business days to move your personal vehicles from Brisbane to Darwin.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

Depending on the number of vehicles you need to move, the cost runs between AU$1,400 and AU$3,800. Vehicle transport services will evaluate your needs and find the best deals and method of transport available. Demand for transporting personal vehicles between Brisbane and Darwin is on the rise. If you know you need to move vehicles, let your removalists know as soon as possible so they can assist with finding a vehicle transport service that fits into your budget and your moving schedule.

Arranging for utility hookups at your new place

In your excitement to move from Brisbane to Darwin, do not forget to arrange for utility hookups at your new place. Just like you schedule to have your utilities discontinued at your old place, you will want to make sure you have access to water, electricity, and other essential utilities when you move into your new home.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

Utility providers may require a small deposit when you are arranging for your hookups since you are a new customer with them. Even if you have a fabulous credit score, do not be surprised if utility companies make this request.

Change of address checklist

Utility hookups. Check! Rubbish removal. Check! Change of address? Make sure you can add a check beside this important to-do on your moving checklist. You will want to prioritise which agencies and service providers to notify of your address change first. The best way to determine the most pressing notifications is to check in these three places:

  • Your purse or wallet (credit cards, association cards, memberships)
  • Bills and statements received in the last three months
  • Deliveries, including monthly subscriptions to products or services

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

What people tend to discover when they start this process is there are a lot of organisations they must notify about their impending address change. To help ensure you do not miss anyone, we have compiled this change-of-address checklist. Here are some of the important people and places to notify:

  • Employers
  • Friends and family
  • Superannuation provider
  • Utility companies
  • Centrelink and Medicare (if applicable)
  • Australian Taxation Office
  • Banking institutions
  • Credit card companies (including store-specific credit cards)
  • Insurance providers
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Magazines and other monthly subscriptions

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

Money-saving moving tips

Moving interstate from Brisbane to Darwin costs on average between AU$4,275 and AU$6,750. Costs can fluctuate depending on the number of household items you must move and the mode of transport you prefer. Here are some suggestions for shaving some money off your moving budget if finances are tight without compromising anything important.

1. Free, free, free moving boxes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when packing is to overfill your boxes. It might seem like you are being frugal by cutting down on the number of boxes you use for packing. All you are really accomplishing is to make the boxes too heavy. Heavyweight boxes have a greater potential for breaking during loading, which means the precious items you carefully packed away in there might get damaged. Removalists will provide appropriate packing materials on request. Some even do the packing for you for an additional fee. If your goal is to do your own packing to save dollarydoos, you can find suitable boxes by asking around at big box stores and liquor stores. You can score some sturdy and spacious cardboard boxes this way if you ask nicely.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

2. DIY

It takes the average person between 50 and 75 hours to pack up a single-family residence. Once finished, they will have between 100 and 150 boxes and storage containers ready for the move. Some people do not have time to do their own packing, so they request their removalists to handle that part of the moving process on their behalf. If you opt for DIY packing, make sure you follow best practices to avoid damaging your goods in transit.

Moving from Brisbane to Darwin: A Moving Smart Checklist

Removalists you can count on from Brisbane to Darwin

Moving is hard. No one enjoys it, but sometimes it is necessary. New job opportunities and new relationships are just some of the reasons you may be considering moving from Brisbane to Darwin. Requesting a quote for removalist services from Clear Sky Moving and Storage is the best way to reduce the stress associated with making an interstate move. Have questions about your interstate move? Phone us on (08) 8922 4988 and a member of our team will be happy to assist.