Moving Insurance

Peace of mind throughout your move.

Minimise your Risk with Insurance

Clear Sky Moving and Storage takes excellent care of your possessions during all stages of removal and relocation. You can be sure we will plan your move carefully. You can also be sure we will pack, store, deliver and unpack your belongings securely. Your goods will be handled with care at all times.?

However, when it comes to moving, there are external forces that nobody can control. Weather conditions, accidents, pressure, vibration and movement – all these things can damage your possessions during a move.

What’s the best way to protect your goods? The answer is to take out appropriate insurance. Clear Sky Moving and Storage can arrange comprehensive Transit and Storage Insurance Cover for your move, whether big or small.

You can guard against risk and exposure during your relocation with insurance that provides total coverage. When you minimise risk, you maximise your peace of mind.

Flexible Insurance Options

You can find the insurance you need with Clear Sky. We have a range of policies to suit different types of moves.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance

Should I insure everything?

This is often a case by case decision. You should bear in mind that your insurance premium will be based on the total value of all items you wish to insure. It’s a good idea to make a list of all of your goods. We can help you decide what's worth insuring.

How do I calculate the value of my belongings?

Clear Sky can give you indicative values of commercial and household items. You can use this as a guide.

Is storage included in my insurance?

Clear Sky can provide comprehensive insurance that covers transit and storage. In fact, comprehensive insurance covers the entire removals job, from packing through to the moment you sign off the delivery.