Pet Travel

Move your pet safely.

Pet Transportation

Moving house with your pets in tow doesn't need to feel stressful. At Clear Sky Moving and Storage, we offer pet transportation to people throughout Darwin, the NT, and interstate. Our stress-free approach to moving your pets prioritises their wellbeing at all times. They'll remain safe throughout every stage of the move. When they arrive at your new home, they'll be safe and well cared for.

Minimising stress for your pets when moving

When your pets are used to their current environment, they'll go through a settling in period at your new home. With years of experience in pet transportation, we have some tips for reducing their stress levels:

  • Familiarise your pet with car travel by taking them on a few trips in their carrier.
  • Try packing a familiar blanket or towel in their carrier.
  • Ask your vet about recommended settling in periods for the other end.
  • Allow your pet to explore their new home freely.

Another way to minimise stress for your pets when moving is by using a team of professionals. Our dedicated team will assess your pet's travelling conditions before proceeding. Their aim is to create an environment that's as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Before you move with your pet, make sure you perform some essential admin. Updating your pet's microchip is especially important. If your pet decides to wander off after you start letting them outside, they will need to be found quickly, and the microchip will help to achieve this. Upon arriving, make sure you register them with a new vet.

Animal-friendly pet transportation

Before your pet can travel, you'll need to check their vaccination history. Make sure you gather all the required documents so we can proceed without any delays. If your pet has any underlying health conditions, please provide us with information about them.

After providing us with the dates for your move, we'll create an itinerary. We understand that your pet is important to you. As such, we'll provide you with updates during the journey if you want us to. We'll also plot our journey carefully and create contingency plans just in case we face unexpected conditions.

When it's necessary to transport your pet by air, we'll try to do so with a direct flight. Direct flights minimise trauma for your animal and reduce the stress they experience. Depending on where you're travelling to, they may face a period of quarantine on arrival.